Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I spent most my day running my youngest daughter around. We had to get her enrolled in high school she had an ortho appointment. Then I had to take her to a cheer try out meeting. Her sisters both cheered in high school I suddenly got a wake up call. It's called MONEY 800.00 to begin with if they do competition cheer its more. She should join a gym to brush up on her gymnastics. She needs to register to get some college credits 35.00 she needs to take summer school so she can take these college classes 25.00 we haven't even started school to get all her fees from her classes.Then we are looking at getting her learners permit she has to take drivers ed next year a whopping 150. for that class. And I still don't have a source of income. So I had a talk with the higher beings and told them hello I have a kid let get the heavens opened and get some cash flowing!

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