Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My internship

I have been so blessed this semester to have an internship with the Utah Women's Walk. I am editing women's biographies that where written by my class mates last semester. There are so many great women who were interviewed and are either on the list or could be nominated for the walk.
Go to to look at the web site.
This project is in its infancy but the finished project will consist of a garden walk with sculptures and information on the women nominated for the walk. We also hope to have some of the biographies put together into a book. All of the women will have an interview done with either the individual or someone that has researched them. A biography will be written and they will be housed in the George Sutherland Archives at Utah Valley University.
This is such a great project to help preserve the history of these great women who have contributed to Utah.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blessings through faith

This semester has been the best so far. No math or science to make my head hurt. Just legal classes and writing. My cornerstone class for Integrated Studies ended up being a Legal Cinema class we watch legal movies discuss them and write a four page paper about the movie. No quiz's or tests I though I died and went to heaven. The next class is a Utah Woman's History class lots of great discussions and the best part of this class is I get to interview Chief Justice Christine Durham in her chambers and write a ten page biography of her life. Wow I have no idea where I'm being taken. All I know is it has to do with the law and writing. I have met so many people lately that have a connection to the legal world. This all has transpired when I decided to put my faith in God. I've given my will over to my Heavenly Father and I am in constant awe. A few weeks ago my crazy phone decided to call someone I use to work with. I'm use to my phone taking the liberty of calling random people at any given moment. Ammon and I played phone tag, we finally talked, and when I hung up I had a job interview. I'm taking some crash course's on loan processing and in a few weeks I will begin to process mortgage loans. The pay is per loan and a great compensation I can work around my school schedule and if I need to go into work it is two blocks from my house. Mortgages are another intrest I have always had and have toyed with the idea of doing something in the industry maybe that's why I got my real estate license. My life is fun and interesting and I never know what I'm going to learn. I just know that I have my hand in my Heavenly Father's hand and he is guiding me to where I need to be every day. Through faith I know that I will be taken care of by my father...

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just finished a health class that was designed for eighteen year old's. I laughed when asked to take a survey on how stressful is your life. One question asked if living away from home was stressful. My reply was I wish I could move away from home and live in a dorm. Then we had a chapter on sex and sexually transmitted diseases. I think you need to be in a relationship to answer theses questions. I haven't had a date in...I forgot. Although the class was very tongue in cheek and a lot of writing what the teacher wanted to hear I did learn a thing or two. UVU has many non-traditional students it would be nice if they offered a health class for mature students.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Childhood obesity

I'm so glad our first lady has taken it upon herself to let Americans know what a problem childhood obesity is. This is something I feel passionate about, and was a subject I chose to write one of my first essays about. As I watched Michelle Obama last night on Larry King I was impressed how well she did the interview. She suggested that her interest developed from her kids needing to lose weight. Her girls lost weight by making just a few minor adjustments. As a parent we have the control to guide our children to make good food choices. I really hope this is something she wants the American people to know about. Because it is an important issue.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I know what I want to be when I grow up

As I wrote an essay for a scholarship my fingers typed an amazing transcript. As I read it I realized that I have found my passion. We need to bring manufacturing

Through taking two English classes I have found a desire to write. My American history class presented the economic situation of our nation. It was suggested that the US has transpired from a manufacturing or production exporter to an administrative importer and consumer. While doing research for my writing I found how passionate I was about manufactures. The company I was recently laid off from is a manufacture, retailer and installer. The demand for affordable products has forced this company into layoffs and to import less expensive products to install. The economic strain the US is facing needs to be addressed. It is apparent that the government cannot and will not be able to fix this problem. Businesses in America need to become active in promoting jobs for Americans. If we do not stop this cycle we will find our entire nation being outsourced to other countries. I feel by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies and business. I can work with businesses and the legal aspects needed to promote a healthier economy for the United States. As a woman and a mother I can’t join the military to help protect the freedoms we enjoy in America. However, Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” I have the opportunity to use my pen to express and persuade others to fight for this great nation.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

School days

Wow, Its been a long time since I wrote on my blog. I'll have to post some of my writing assignments. It looks like I haven't written since I lost my dog. Well I still miss him. However.... It has been nice not having to clean up after him or walk him. Just a few more weeks till the end of this semester. Life is good

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goody bye Bou.

Today I had to say good bye to my best friend, Bou. He was also referred to as my little guy, my buddy, my little boy, Mr. hu hu, Bouberry, and guy. He followed me around as if he were my shadow. We got him at a time when our family needed some comfort and joy. He gave every member of our family those items. He taught me how to love again. He ran with me when I needed a companion to rid myself of the hurt I was going through. He let me borrow my face into his fur when the tears of sorrow sprang forth. He never was disappointed in any discussion I made he would always be at the door wagging his tell. He would lay on the sofa behind me and watch me work on my computer for hours. Occasionally he would snort at me to let him out for a potty break. He reminded me when it was bed time and when it was dinner time as well. He was a companion for my daughters. He was always happy to go for a walk with them or a run if that’s what they desired. He was the entertainment for their friends when they came to visit. He knew where his toys were kept and would dig one out so he could play fetch with them. He thought his job was to entertain anyone who came into our home; he did his job quite well. We have many missionaries who still ask how the little guy is; some still came to visit him. He will be missed by many he was a special dog that everyone who met him seamed to fall in love with him. I know tonight he is in the arms of his maker, waiting for the day his family will be come and take him home. I miss you guy... I love you… November 21,2002-September 23,2009