Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goody bye Bou.

Today I had to say good bye to my best friend, Bou. He was also referred to as my little guy, my buddy, my little boy, Mr. hu hu, Bouberry, and guy. He followed me around as if he were my shadow. We got him at a time when our family needed some comfort and joy. He gave every member of our family those items. He taught me how to love again. He ran with me when I needed a companion to rid myself of the hurt I was going through. He let me borrow my face into his fur when the tears of sorrow sprang forth. He never was disappointed in any discussion I made he would always be at the door wagging his tell. He would lay on the sofa behind me and watch me work on my computer for hours. Occasionally he would snort at me to let him out for a potty break. He reminded me when it was bed time and when it was dinner time as well. He was a companion for my daughters. He was always happy to go for a walk with them or a run if that’s what they desired. He was the entertainment for their friends when they came to visit. He knew where his toys were kept and would dig one out so he could play fetch with them. He thought his job was to entertain anyone who came into our home; he did his job quite well. We have many missionaries who still ask how the little guy is; some still came to visit him. He will be missed by many he was a special dog that everyone who met him seamed to fall in love with him. I know tonight he is in the arms of his maker, waiting for the day his family will be come and take him home. I miss you guy... I love you… November 21,2002-September 23,2009

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