Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Our church has it's own 'welfare system', they help members of the church with food items when their finical situation warrants it. I didn't qualify for food stamps with our state,due to my income(they look at income and don't factor in your out-going expenses). I was walking out of the supply house this afternoon, and I was feeling really grateful to have this service available to me. My state of bliss was interrupted when a woman in front of me started complaining she didn't get a cantaloupe. She then started asking her associate, who did the food order?( the normal procedure is a representative from the church comes to your home, they evaluate your food supply, and your needs then they fill out an order). Her associate replied that the procedure was performed as I out-lined it. I then hear, "That's Bull Shit". The blood in my veins curdled. This food is given to those who are in need, it is given with out a cost. It is basic food that will keep your family from becoming hungry. This woman complained that she was not given enough food the entire time she loaded her min-van. When I say this woman and her associate could lose a few pounds with out jeopardizing their health is an under-statement. I suddenly felt sad that this person could not feel gratitude for what had been given to her. I then began to reflect upon the situation I'm in: I will voluntarily surrender my car this week, I have filled out the papers to file bankruptcy, I have to borrow my daughters car to get to school. But.... I feel grateful that I still have a home with food on the table. I have the opportunity to gain an eduction. I realized that this is one of the most rewarding times of my life, a time when I feel true happiness. Things can not make you happy; happiness is a feeling that comes from with-in the depths of your soul.

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