Monday, August 24, 2009

It's 1980 all over

Life is funny we think our direction in life is going down one path and then you find yourself walking along the same old path you left. I worked in the beauty industry for many years(over 25). When I moved away from Seattle I thought I left that part of my life. In searching for work for the past 6 months I found that I was not qualified for the positions I applied for. I found a job posting for a nail tech. in a busy salon close to my home. I applied and got hired over the phone! I try not to get discouraged over the fact that I have to give 40% to the salon, I'm charging almost half what I charged in Seattle, and I don't have a clientele. It's work, and I have the ability to do it well, and they'll be flexible with my hours so I can keep attending school. I lived in Utah in 1980 I decided to walk upon a different path. I Should have: could have (stayed)...... I guess it was my destiny to walk along this path in my life. I hope I get it right this time, I'm getting too old for do overs!

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