Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Great Depression

We all have heard the reports on the news about the housing market, stock market, retail sales, and lay offs. We are heading into another great depression. People are losing their houses their jobs, bottom line everyone is scared. I was sitting in church on Sunday thinking of all the trials individuals (myself included) are experiencing during this time. I started thinking this is a good thing, there where many businesses started and many strong people born during the great depression. I wanted to invest in the stock market 2 years ago I did a lot of research on different companies whose stock I wanted to purchase the problem they where all selling at to high a price. I got out my list this weekend and found every company was at an affordable price.
I'm EXCITED I can look forward to building my asset column and getting rid of my liability column.
Life is how you look at it.
I choose to look at the trials I'm going through as an opportunity to make me smarter and change the direction my life was going.
It's a whole new world!

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