Monday, March 9, 2009

New Beginings

Today is the first day of this blog my daughter Gabby didn't have school today so I remembered to ask her where her blog was posted. I knew she didn't have a credit card so her blog must be posted for free. That's a great word in our household these days. This is my second week of not working I got laid off from my job. It's strange to look for work because I have always been self employed. I'm learning about benefits that are available to those who no longer have employment . Being unemployed is more work than having a job. You have to look for work daily, read pages of unemployment insurance benefits, make sure your claims are properly filled out. I haven't even gotten to your cobra insurance benefits they cut down a whole tree to print those benefits.
I decided to take some free assessment tests to see where my "skills" where. The first one I took was the Microsoft word 2003 assessment I have been using this program for years Right? This would be easy. I failed.......... So I thought I would take the Adobe Photoshop assessment I just learned to use it about 4 months ago and my brother kept telling me I didn't know what I was doing. Guess who passed?
I have been applying for Administrative Assistants jobs BUTT my true passion is being creative. The problem is I don't have the work history to support a job in this field. My next process would be to gain education. How do you do this when you are a single mother that's unemployed with a mortgage due?
Thank goodness for the internet.

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