Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No free lunch

My dad had his sayings he would tell us over and over. The one that stuck in my mind today was "there is no free lunch" I went over to a neighbors house today to dig up some plants from her yard. They where FREE I got great variety good starters and then I started talking to her about how I should transplant them. Guess what? A trip to buy compose for the little darlings new beds. As I was planting I reflected on my "free sink and faucet" but what really got a sigh was my "Free Hot Tub" I got a few years back. I had a customer who wanted to get rid of her hot tub she thought my kids would love it so I said yes. I had to hire a company to move it ($300.00) then I had to hire an electrician to put an electrical box out side ($800.00) I had it one season and the pump went out ($300.) So much for free as my dad in his wisdom always said "there is no free lunch".

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