Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The System

I was raised to work hard and be responsible.
I started talking to the financial institutes that hold my mortgage, credit cards,and auto loan when I got laid off letting them know that we needed to work a reduction of my interest rates to make my payments more affordable. There are community services that provide free debt counseling, help with utilities, the food bank and other services. I was referred by my mortgage company to go and get mortgage and debt counseling.(I made the mistake of building my liability column and not the asset column of my portfolio.) I'm asked how far behind I am with my bills, my response "I'm not behind I'm current." Today I found out I would have received more help if my utility bills where behind a few months and if I let my credit cards go into collection.
I'm told I need to reduce my debt to income ratio before I can get a modification of my mortgage.
I laugh...
I'm unemployed how am I to reduce my debt if no one will reduce their interest rate? Its a really weird cycle or maybe it's me that doesn't fit into the system. I have never been late on any payment reducing my mortgage and credit card payments will make it even easier for me to make my payments. It doesn't seem right that the only help you'll get is if your not making payments.

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