Monday, April 27, 2009

Tools of the Trade

I used to do nails professionally,
I would get asked why does the polish stay on better when you do it. The answer is simple I used professional products. Every profession has tools they use for the trade they are in. Having time to do research on the internet I have discovered many handy tools. Our state web site has many tools one I thought was interesting was they have a Utah food co-op(other states have this program as well) you can join ($5 life time membership along with 2 hours of community service)they do monthly purchases that give you a 50% savings. They have a list of items to be purchased you put your order in on the scheduled date you pick it up and pay for it they even take food stamps. The other valuable tool I found was the public library. They have a collection of e-books you can down load and listen on you MP3 player or ipod, practice tests to take from elementary to college levels, book club kits the list goes on, all you need is a library card

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