Friday, April 17, 2009

Where did I go wrong?

I have two adult children a 23 year old (D) and a 21 year old (K). K. has been putting herself through college, she was a princess in high school; she went from having a car to walking, having bleached blond hair to brown, long acrylic nails to short stubs,having endless spending $ to paying rent, food and utilities. D came to Utah before I did to go to college. I tried to help her out and gave her some money (because I had some extra )she didn't work her first year of college. She ended up not completing college and works full time to pay off student loans and credit card debt (from a boyfriend). To help D pay her bills I let her live with me; for the past 1 1/2 years she has not had to pay for anything. When I got laid off I told D I needed her to help and pay some of(not all)the utility bills, I could tell she was a bit irritated. K is now living with us, she has told me she wanted to help out financially, so I gave her some of the utility bills and told her to discuss it with D as to who would pay what. K informed me D is mad she has to pay the bills and says I need to get a job! (I'm such a slacker)It gets better; D yelled at me last night for not doing her laundry. I was shocked that she would talk to me in that manner, I told her I wasn't aware she had laundry that needed to be done, I suggested she put her laundry in the laundry room. This is the good part.... "why didn't you come in my room and get it? You go in (my youngest daughters room) and get her laundry"
Talk about spoiled, I thought I was doing the right thing in helping them out. WRONG

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