Friday, May 8, 2009

Cheer mama drama

We had another parent cheer meeting last night. We voted via e-mail to decided if the squad would do cheer competitions. The vote was 50/50 the coach talked it over with the administration and decided to compete. The fur began to fly you would have thought she asked the girls (and some parents) to walk across the US naked. "It wasn't fun last year, we came in last, the other squads have been competing sense Jr high, they have tumbling coaches." Blah Blah Blah.
Then the coach explained funds raisers are to be organized by the parents and carried out by the parents and girls, it is not the responsibility of the coach to do this. The parents started whining about fund raisers they did last year that didn't work.
HELLO.... who is in charge of the fund raisers? We the parents can decide to do what we want.
The coach is young in her early twenties, I sat back and watched as this young adult showed more maturity than some of the parents who where acting like toddlers.
I'm a very patient person, but these meeting are starting to push my buttons.

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