Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kitchen wars

My kitchen and I where not getting along today. I'm pretty good at baking and cooking this morning I started making zucchini bread for my kids. As I was filling my miniature bread pans I knew I filled them to full. My kids started screaming that something was burning. The bread had oozed over the pans on to the bottom of the oven. I took out the bottom rack to scrap off the burnt bread. I thought my bread was done so I took it out of the oven then the middle caved in, I proceeded to put it back in the oven leaning over I hit my lower back on the hot oven rack I had taken out. The bread turned out a little darker than I like, as I was doing the dishes that where piled in the sink a bowl full of water tipped over getting the counter top flooded as I was mopping up the water I ran my hand under a fan I had on the counter and something sliced my finger. I'm staying out of the kitchen the rest of the day and I'm giving a few loaves of over done bread to my brother who is going bear hunting.

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