Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Madness

The past 10 days have been madness here was the agenda: 2 of my kids had birthdays, my niece had a baby, other niece graduated, 3 dance recitals for my daughter, my parents where here,my brother and his son both had birthdays,my daughter (D) bought a car, summer school started, once a week tumbling class at 7:30am started. Those are the added events not to mention the regular college classes my daughter(K) is taking. On top of all that I had to decide what college degree I want to apply for. My lawn mower broke it's under warranty if I can show a receipt. I took my car to a car lot to see if they can sell it(below what I owe). Tried taking a practice test for college placement my youngest daughter had to help me out with the math I failed the English. It's time to clean out the cob webs and educate myself on the basics of Math, Science and English and find the receipt for the lawn mover!

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