Wednesday, July 29, 2009

English paper

I am writing a paper for English, on childhood obesity. This is my opening statement.
I am not an expert on nutrition or exercise; I am a mother of three healthy daughters. My middle daughter gained about 10 lbs when she was 7 years old. Her father and I are divorced, and had different nutritional styles. I knew her weight gain would affect her body image, and self esteem. I needed to do something before her weight increased. I decided to avoid purchasing snack foods such as: chips, cookies, candy and soft drinks. Providing healthy snacks like apples, carrot's, and small bagels. We cut down on her T.V. viewing. We never focused on her weight gain; we talked about eating healthy and exercise. After a year of changing our living style she lost her extra weight. She continued to visit her father on weekends, and did not chage her lofe style at his house. She has grown-up with an intrest in nutrition and health, she is now studing to become a pediatric nurse.

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