Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Writer

In my English class we write every day. We have essay's to read (3 a week) then make comments about them. And,we have our first paper due this week. I guess you could say, I'm written out. I am finding I love to do research and write. Thinking about my high school days, I loved to do reports. I hated English because I didn't understand the verb, noun, sentence structure, commas, and etc. Now, when I have a grammar question I can look it up in my notebook! School was torture for me, being A.D.D. (and not knowing it)and having to memorize rules. In English you had to know the grammar rules; math had its set of rules too. With a brain that goes 100mph remembering an assignment was an accomplishment. I feel that is why I did so well on reports and projects. I could go into my own little world and explore and create. Doing nails for a living was creative and different. I have always loved to create; I'm finding writing is very creative. I have a real passion for expressing my opinion in words and sentences. And, it's never to late to be the person you want to be.

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