Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Over Achiever

I have my first week of school under my belt my jitters are going away. I'm finding I am an over achiever. I worked on a paper for two days rewriting it 4 times. I asked the professor when it was due and what format he wanted us to turn it in, he says "Oh you don't need to turn it in. We might just talk about it in class. It was for your benefit!" I stressed out over getting the book we needed and printing the materials we would go over in class. Most of the students who come to class haven't purchased the book and don't have the materials printed. Yesterday was an"on-line class day" if we had questions the professor would be on -line to help us, today he announces that your not to e-mail the questions it's a live chat opportunity. I haven't grown up using computers and being computer savvy, I do know my way around a bit (if all else fails click and search). Here I am with kids that have graduated, some college experience,or adults that have worked and are taking some classes.I was able to figure out the procedure. I hope this college stuff is going to be a piece of cake after working and living in the real world for a long time.

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