Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thought you might like to look at some of my work I have done. I'm working on some new stuff something different. All this work was for the company I worked for so I had to do things the way they wanted them. Except the mini bathrooms that was all me. I looked for days on line for a small toilet (Barbie didn't even have one) So I bought some molding clay and got a blueprint of a toilet and started molding away. I told you I liked to do things that where new and creative.
Sent out more resumes and still no response, they just don't know what they are missing!
I need to get a office some where my dog thinks that because I'm home I'm here to give him attention. Every time I walk into my kitchen he thinks it's time to eat. My daughters dog is so happy to go out side in the sun she decided to roll around in something that smells really bad. She's going to get into big trouble cause she just got a bath a few days ago.

Tomorrow is always a new day!

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