Monday, March 16, 2009

Time has wings

I never understood how mom's who didn't work never got anything done. They had all the time in the world!
HA.. I started out this morning waking up before my daughter came in screaming "it's time to take me to school." I came home and started working on phone calls and getting some paperwork done. I am also trying to get dressed before 9:00am (or else I spend the entire day in my PJ's) did that. Then I spent an hour texting my daughter and my nephew if that wasn't bad enough I began reading spam in my e-mail looking through my yearbook to see if I recognized anyone on a classmate site. Forgetting I have a list of things I should get accomplished before I'm back to work.
I'm off to paint my kids bathroom. (after I remove enough hair to make a small wig)

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